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Grades: 6-12

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Time blocking is working in intervals and allows  
a person to proactively schedule portions of a day. It promotes mindfulness and reduces multi-taking. 


"People use time blocking to help them focus better and get more important things done. Research conducted at Stanford University shows that multi-tasking is much less effective than focusing on a single task."


Time blocking helps:
-build the practice of making and following routines
-learn how to gauge task completion time
-focus attention by reducing distractions 
-reduce procrastination
-build motivation and a sense of urgency to combat perfectionism
-promote mindfulness and a sense of control over time and awareness of how its spent


While the Pomodoro Method is a strict 25:5 ratio, this time structure may not work for everyone. Practice flexibility around work to break ratios and consider blocking assignments or tasks in lieu of time. 

Time-Blocking Checklist

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