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Helping students unlock their learning potential

We offer language and learning services in addition to executive function coaching to support daily life and academic success.

Welcome to Active Language and Learning

Our mission is to provide strategies, tips, and techniques to promote effective and efficient learning. Each student and parent defines success differently, so we work with families to determine goals and objectives. We encourage students to bring applicable academic work to sessions. 

We help empower students of all ages to reach their maximum academic potential through: 

  1. Building up the foundation of learning (e.g., strengthening organization, planning, and time management)

  2. Addressing specific skills (e.g., reading and writing)

  3. Fine-tuning (e.g., independent checking of homework and grades and communicating with teachers)

We meet with students in our office or virtually. Sessions typically range from 45 to 60 minutes, one to two times per week during the school year. Frequency of summer sessions vary. 

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